Diseases Of Cattle

Diseases of Cattle

Medicines may be administered to cattle in many ways.
The channel and method of administration depend on whether a general or local effect is desired.
Cattle Diseases website is a compilation of scientifical materials about diseases of cattle.

[01] Medicines May Be Administered To Cattle In Many Ways.
Diseases Of Cattle
01 Medicines May Be Administered To Cattle In Many Ways.
02 A Dose Given In This Way Is Known As a Drench
03 The Quantity Of Fluid To Be Given In
04 Balls Are Large Pills Adapted For The Larger Animals
05 This Method Is Used In The Treatment Of Diseases Of Digestion
06 Are Used In The Treatment Of Constipation
09 Medicines Are Injected Into The Trachea
12 If The Feed Is Of Improper Character
15 Salivation Is a Symptom Of Some General Or Local Disorder.
18 Inflammation Of Mucous Membrane Of Mouth (stomatitis).
21 Parotitis. Inflammation Of The Parotid Gland.
24 Choking. Choking Usually Happens From Attempting To Swallow.
27 Diseases Of The Stomachs. Acute Tympanites (hoven, Or Bloating).
30 The Trocar Is To Be Used Only In Extreme Or Urgent Cases
33 Imaginary Diseases Hollow Horn Loss Of Cud Wolf In The Tail.
36 Hair Concretions.
39 Indigestion From Drinking Cold Water Colic.
42 Gastroenteritis Is An Inflammation Of The Walls Of The Stomachs.
45 Dysentery. See Also Gastrointestinal Catarrh.
48 Enteritis. Obstruction Resulting From Invagination, Or Intussusception, Twisting.
51 Ruptures Ventral Hernia.
54 Causes Swelling And Inflammation
57 Sulphuric Acid Has Also Been Used For a Similar Purpose
60 Wounds Of The Abdomen.
63 Hepatitis (inflammation Of The Liver).
66 Dropsy Of The Abdomen. Ascites.
69 Microscopic Anatomy Of The Liver.
72 Sources Of Poisoning.
75 General Symptoms Of Poisoning.
78 Lead Poisoning.
81 Phosphorus Poisoning.
84 Oxalic Acid. Any Of The Alkalies May Be Used As An Antidote.
87 Carbolic-acid Poisoning.
90 Vegetable Poisons. Opium (morphin, Laudanum) Poisoning.
93 Poisonous Plants.
96 Horse Chestnut Buckeye.
99 Yew (taxus Baccata).
102 Water Hemlock (cicuta).
105 White Snakeroot (eupatorium Urticaefolium).
108 Cherry.
111 How To Treat Snake Bite? In Cattle.
114 At The Bottom Of Each Auricle Is The Auriculo-ventricular Opening
117 The Blood.
120 The Examination Of The Heart.
123 The Animal Is Disinclined To Move Actively
126 Myocarditis And Endocarditis.
129 Fatty Degeneration Of The Heart And Cyanosis.
132 Bleeding (hemorrhage).
135 Inflammation Of Veins (phlebitis).
138 The Mucous Membrane Should In All Cases Be Examined
141 It Assumes Various Characters According To Its Rapidity Of Beat
144 Catarrh (cold In The Head).
147 Bronchitis.
150 Pneumonia Is An Inflammation Of The Lung Substance.
153 Abscess Of The Lung.
156 The Nervous System Of Cattle.
159 The Cow Is Commonly Said To Be Mad
162 Concussion Of The Brain.
165 All The Cold Water It Will Drink Should Be Allowed
168 Lightning Stroke (asphyxia Electrica).
171 General Symptoms Of Urinary Disorders
174 In Many Such Cases a Liberal Supply Of Wholesome
177 Sugar In Urine (diabetes Mellitus).
180 The Disease Does Not Always Appear In Its Full Severity
183 Parasites Of The Kidney.
186 The Liquid Must Be Drawn Off Through a Tube Catheter
189 As On The Limestone Formations Of Central And Western New York
192 Classification Of Urinary Calculi.
195 Ureteral Calculi.
198 In Considering The Subject Of Prevention
201 Where No Skilled Operator Can Be Had
204 Microscopic Anatomy Of The Kidney
207 And a Purulent Discharge From The Womb Or Vagina
210 Sterility From Other Causes.
213 Congestion And Inflammation Of The Testicles (orchitis).
216 Inflammation Of The Sheath And Penis From Bruising.
219 Warts And Papillary Growths On The Penis.
222 Signs Of Pregnancy.
225 Of All The Modes Of Examination By Touch
228 And The Bowels Must Be Kept Open By Laxatives
231 Paralysis Of The Hind Parts.
234 Abortion (slinking The Calf).
237 Although The First Symptoms Of Abortion Have Appeared
240 Purulent Or Even Gluey In Consistency
243 Parturition (calving). Symptoms Of Calving.
246 Diseased Induration Of The Mouth Of The Womb.
249 Narrow Pelvis From Fracture Or Disease.
252 Water In The Head Of The Calf (hydrocephalus).
255 Monstrosity In The Calf.
258 Wrong Presentations Of The Calf.
261 In Using The Instruments Some Precautions Are Demanded
264 The Lower Jaw Can Not Be Reached With The Hand
267 Hind Limbs Excessively Bent On The Body And Engaged In The Pelvis
270 The Joint Is Now Cut Into All Around
273 And Bringing Into The Passages The Most Eligible Extremities
276 Then The Projecting Part Of The Limb Is Skinned Up To The Vulva
279 Removal Of The Contents Of Chest Or Abdomen
282 Diseases Of The Generative Organs. Description Of Plates.
285 Formerly Professor Of Veterinary Science. Flooding (bleeding From The Womb).
288 When The Womb Has Been Long Everted And Is Gorged With Blood
291 Rupture Of The Bladder And Rupture Of The Womb.
294 Retained Afterbirth.
297 Leucorrhea (mucopurulent Discharge From The Passages).
300 Milk Fever (parturition Fever, Parturient Apoplexy, Or Parturient Collapse).
303 With The Nose Resting On The Right Flank
306 This Distention Acts Like Magic
309 But Especially In The Last-named Form
312 Contagious Mammitis (contagious Inflammation Of The Udder).
315 The Disease In The Cow Is Ushered In By a Slight Fever
318 Teat Blocked By Concretion Of Casein.
321 Closure Of The Milk Duct By a Membrane.
324 Blowing Into The Nose Has a Similar Effect
327 Abscess Of The Navel.
330 Umbilical Hernia (breach At The Navel).
333 Indigestion.
336 The Surroundings Of The Calf Are Powerful Influences
339 Acute Contagious Scouring In The Newborn.
342 Which Gradually Changes To Bone
345 Osteomyelitis.
348 Such As Magnesium And Sodium Phosphate
351 Muslin Bandages About The Inflamed Joint
354 Thick Pad Of Cotton Immediately Over The Wound
357 Fracture Of The Vertebra Spinal Column
360 Though The Union Should Take Place
363 Spavin.
366 Especially When There Are Large Numbers With Little Or No Shelter
369 So That Its Flesh Is Good For Human Food
372 Ringing The Bull.
375 Setoning.
378 Wounds.
381 The Seriousness Depends Largely On The Depth Of The Injury
384 Other Surgical Operations.
387 Where They Lodge And Start New Tumor Formations
390 Classification Of Tumors.
393 General Treatment Of Tumors.
396 Angioma.
399 Fibroma.
402 Lipoma.
405 Cancer (carcinoma).
408 Dermoid Cysts.
411 Hair Is An Appendage Of The Skin And Forms Its External Covering
414 The Parts Of The Body Most Exposed To This Condition Are The Croup
417 Eczema.
420 Pustules (impetigo).
423 Edema (anasarca Of The Skin).
426 Other Parasites And Parasitic Diseases Of The Skin.
429 Foul In Foot (foot Rot).
432 Pricks And Wounds.
435 And Its Greatest Diameter Is Transverse
438 Which Is Also Named The Third Eyelid
441 The Eye Becomes Clearer And Regains Its Transparency
444 Cataract.
447 Entropion (inversion Of The Eyelid).
450 Orbital And Periorbital Abscess.
453 Diseases Of The Ear.
456 Frostbite.
459 And Probably Will Be For Some Time To Come
462 Because Of Its Insidious Beginning And Slow Course
465 Contagious Pleuropneumonia.
468 The Cause Etiology Of Pleuropneumonia
471 This Illustrates What Are Called Infarctions
474 To Those Accustomed To Examining The Lungs Of Cattle
477 The Same Peculiar Inflammatory Changes Which Take
480 To Prevent Surreptitious Sale Or Trading Of Cattle
483 These Begin As Red Patches And Streaks
486 The Disease In Other Countries Foot-and-mouth Disease
489 It Is Usually First Indicated By The Animal Suffering From a Chill
492 As Well As The Infection Of Hogs And Sheep
495 The Symptoms In Man Resemble Those Observed In Animals
498 Treatment Is Almost Futile In Advanced Cases Of Either Disease
501 The Absence Of Any Characteristic Symptoms Or Post-mortem Lesions
504 Having Collected The Statistics From 133 Cases
507 Tuberculosis Is An Infectious And Communicable Disease.
510 Symptoms Of Tuberculosis
513 Therefore Any Cow Affected With Tuberculosis
516 A Veterinarian Who Had Injected 600 Animals
519 The Intradermic Test (into The Skin).
522 Bovine Tuberculosis And The Public Health.
525 Working In The Pathological Division
528 In Herds Of Cattle That Regularly Receive Careful Handling
531 Thus In England Actinomycosis Of The Tongue Is Most Prevalent
534 Anthrax.
537 Anthrax Lesions
540 Blackleg, Black Quarter, Quarter Ill, Symptomatic Anthrax.
543 Immunization By Vaccination. The French Investigators.
546 Necrotic Stomatitis Is Both a Local And a Systemic Affection
549 From 50 To 90 Per Cent Of The Affected Animals Die
552 Southern Cattle Fever (texas Fever, Tick Fever).
555 The Bowels Are Mostly Constipated During The Fever
558 Injurious Effects Of Cattle Ticks
561 Methods Of Eradicating The Ticks.
564 The Boiled Dip Is Less Convenient Than The S-b Dip
567 Texas Fever Treatment.
570 Chronic Bacterial Dysentery.
573 Cattle Farcy.
576 Flies.
579 The Fly Lays Its Eggs In Freshly Dropped Cow Manure
582 Chloroform Is Then Poured Into The Wound
585 Decreased Milk Flow And Diminished Growth In Infested Animals
588 Cattle Are Subject To Four Kinds Of Mange. Mange, Itch, Scab.
591 Nicotin Dip.
594 Chorioptic Mange.
597 Parasites Of The Stomach.
600 Preventive Measures Are Important
603 But In Calves These Parasites May Cause Scouring And Emaciation
606 Protozoa.
609 Tapeworm Cysts In The Muscles, Beef Measles.
612 Parasites Of The Blood.
615 What Causes Mycosis In Cattle?
618 Foul Foot.
621 Safety Warning
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